My name:
Mike Lee. Or Michael. I’m comfortable with either.

What I do:
I’m a programmer and web developer moonlighting as an indie game developer. I’ve released games for the web, Windows, and iOS platforms. I’ve developed the blog platform for Frederator and worked on both commercial and non-commercial games. I do a ton of game jams (and have organized a few of my own). Occasionally I’ll go and talk in front of people too.

You can contact me at mike@ludoko.com or just drop a comment on this page.

One Reply to “About”

  1. I’ve been looking all over your site because I’d like to send you an email, but I can’t find it! Can you email me with your contact?

    Full disclosure: I’m an intern at Kotaku and we’d like to feature one of your blog posts. I’m trying to do something nice here- don’t make your contact info so hard for me to find!

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