• NinjaGirl01

    I don’t know what pswii60’s definition of “non-crap” games was, but if your/his intent was to make a list of original and high-quality games, you forgot to list Band of Bugs, Outpost Kaloki X and Mad Tracks, for starters.

  • http://www.gamedrinkcode.com Michael Lee

    The list wasn’t meant to be an exhaustive list of all the great original titles on Live Arcade, just a quick sampling of some of the more commonly agreed upon “good” titles available. Certainly I missed some games, but even adding a few like Outpost Kaloki X doesn’t change the percentages a whole lot. Original titles on Xbox Live Arcade still represent just a small share of the total whole and that’s a damn shame.

  • http://dimorphic360.wordpress.com Dimorphic

    I agree actually. I wrote a review for Penny Arcade on my blog and said in it that there should be more unique, original IPs like this on the XBLA. The meduim is such a great tool to get fun and obscure games out there and I really think MS should take advantage of this.

  • http://hubpages.com/hub/free-wii-points-wii-points-generator nireani

    Very interesting read

  • http://www.sonicthehedgehogtoys.net Terry H.Proch

    sonic the hedgehog is AWSOME! it saved sega from defeat at the hand’s of nintendo’s big, gray box. the speed, music, graphics, and gamplay are all top knoch. it’s easy and hard at the same time. it’s games like this that make you want to shiver with excitment about what’s going to happen next as you play.

    if you don’t have sonic the hedgehog, you do’t have a genesis. simple as that.