And the nominees are… (cont’d)

Continuing from the post yesterday, some more thoughts on other IGF nominees.

You Have To Burn The Rope
The hit quirky internet flash game You Have To Burn The Rope surprises just about everyone (including the creator himself) by being nominated for the Innovation Award in the IGF. You Have To Burn The Rope is short, sweet, and most of all an actual funny game. Much like Portal, another shortform game with comedy that its been compared to, Burn The Rope knows exactly what it has to do and doesn’t waste anytime doing it. And by being a genuinely humorous game, You Have To Burn The Rope earns its placement as a nominee for innovation.

Snapshot by Kyle Pulver and Peter Jones
The inclusion of Snapshot is a reminder how even as the IGF each year grows larger with more entries, bigger development teams, and higher budgets, there’s still a place for the one or two man garage developers to come together and build something cool and interesting that can still get nominated and compete. Snapshot is a game built part-time by pretty much one guy and is less of a game than a demo that details the potential of the idea. Still, even while competing against other groups with more developers, more money, and more time a game like Snapshot can still emerge from the fray powered by hardwork, dedication, and maybe even a little indie love (aaawww…).