Gamma4 entry for all!

[The following is reposted from my other blog for the One Week/Game Project where I’m attempting to work on a new game very week for the entire year. You can read the original post here.]

The first public release of my week 3 game for One Week, here is Monster Monster Monster Party Party Party.

Click here or on the image to play!

Monster Monster Monster Party Party Party was created for the Gamma4 competition. The main constraint for the competition was to create a game that utilized only a single button. Here spacebar is used to play the entire game. When holding down the spacebar monsters will turn invisible and be invulnerable to tanks and helicopters. Timing your invincibility right also gives you the power to destroy the military.

I really enjoyed the artwork I created for the game with the stark colors and angular designs. I had a real blast designing the monsters and one of the things I wished I had more time to play around with was the idea of changing scales for the game (going from a single monster on the screen to up to 20 monsters at its most zoomed out). It’s an game mechanic I think that has a lot of interest and something I would want to explore in a future title or iteration of MMMPPP.