A post-GGJ 2010 status report

One Week/Game is a side project I’ve been trying to get off the ground this year. The premise is that I attempt to build a game of sorts every week throughout the entire year. As you may tell by glancing at the site, the start has been a little on the slow side.

That being said this past weekend with the coincidence of both the Global Game Jam and Gamma 4 submission deadline I imaged to create a game in under 48 hours. Even more happily the game (Monster Monster Monster Party Party Party) even managed to vaguely be about deception and is playable using only a single button!

I managed to have enough time to complete a game largely because our local Global Game Jam site was marred a bit by weather issues. I’m responsible for organizing the local site for the Triangle area and inclement weather prevented our awesome hosts Icarus Studios from staying open during the weekend. Thankfully the participants were motivated enough to stick together and still develop 7 games over the weekend in spite of these issues. Definitely check them out and the other games from the Global Game Jam. Over 4000 people and 942 games can’t be wrong!

[Image not from a game from my site, but depict1 by Kyle Pulver from Retro Affect]